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Friday, March 23, 2007
i think people had problems accessing to my blog here
okay pls click on this LINK
do the changes to ur links. (:
Thursday, March 22, 2007
So the geog essay is finally done after 3 days of hard work. i am not entirely sastified with it but i did my best and God will do the rest. (: Days are becoming better because i have really learn to trust more in God. Each step seems easier even though i face new challenges everyday.

Haha. i cant believe i ate instant noodles for 3 days in a row.
it is time to start on my PS essay and the computing essay too.


ooooh! i am watching full house all over again
summer scent and autumn tale made me too depressed. :(


Your perfect love drives away all my fears
Monday, March 19, 2007
Recovered after two days of sleep. Wedding Day must have tired me to death. Trying to finish my geog essay now with about 1000 words to go. J2 is barely done at all and i have only 2 more days. i think it should be more than enough time since i am going to try to complete half of it by tonight. After this, i will be left in one more essay before exams. :(

darn it, i need to start studying soon.
so far behind in my readings.

just started watching summer scent, this korean drama. it is darn good and i cant wait to finish it. :DDDDD

time to take a nap.
Sunday, March 18, 2007
One word and one picture. (:


good night world. :D

Friday, March 16, 2007
help me to feel beautiful in your eyes
each time expectations weigh me down
i get lower and lower

i dont want to change to become someone i hate
spent lots of time with the family today -shopping and packing up the house.Bro's wedding is tml and the house is beautifully decorated. it is going to be a great day tml even though i am going to be so tired. oh wells, weddings are meant to be beautiful and perfect. i am really happy for my brother.


going to start doing essay on sunday then.
i am going to slack for abit now.
time to go watch some Tv.

more updates on sunday. (:

hide me now under your wings
cover me within your mighty hands
Thursday, March 15, 2007
okay, i love this new layout. i am so not going to change for a really long time because i am actually quite sick of coding. it always takes up too much time. (: i love this, i love this. :D christian skins always makes me happy.

anyway, this is only suitable on IE and not on FF.

today was a good day.
it was a really fufilling day because i overcame my fears of going for a certain tutorial was a good closure and i am glad that Your love came over me. Without You, i dont think i would have courage to go through today.

be still and know that i am God
i will be exalted among the nations
i will be exalted in the earth
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Busy week ahead which explains my lack of updates. Bro's wedding is this saturday and the family has been really busy preparing for the wedding. Bought my gown, shoes and accessories and manage to grab a nice top for church wedding. i cant wait. :DDDDD

after 6 hours of shopping today, i am exhausted. qing's bdae celebration was today and we had a good time bonding and eating dinner together. so i am back at home, trying to start on my geog essays. OMG OMG, i am running short of time.

i still need to go through what i need to say for PS tutorial. i havent been doing my readings and i have no idea how to attempt the questions at all. i am going to be screwed on thurs. i keep telling myself that it is only 2 hours and it will be over before i know it. at most, i would just get scolded. :(


okay 12.48 am. :(
time to go back writing.